Uber banner

Starting today, Uber is rolling out a new Android and iOS mobile app throughout the world. The app is all about improving the user experience, from booking the cab in seconds, to seeing Foursquare places tips on your way to that place, to ordering food on your way to the place you are headed to.

To begin with, the new Uber app offers personalised location suggestions under their Where to? branding. The old app used to show basic cab booking icons with location input to be entered by the user. The new app does things a lot different – if you a frequent rider on Uber, you will be shown your frequent location places, and you can tap the button to book a ride to that place.

If you frequent to the Zinc Gym, the McDonalds at Adyar, or your cousins’ place, you will see these buttons when you launch the app. Choose an option, choose your cab choice and book the ride.

The upfront fares on uberPool are here to stay and will be shown when you pick the cab.

Uber says that the company plans on addition a much larger range of features in the coming days. The primary focus currently being two though:

  • sharing calendar data with Uber and meetings and important appointments would appear as shortcuts for immediate booking.
  • ability to pick other people as your destination and once that person confirms his/her location, the cab will take you right to him – after all, we take cab rides to meet someone half the time.

Making this even better, Uber will be offering in-app music system with Pandora, ordering food right from uberEATS, if available in your city, browsing Foursquare and Yelp reviews, and do more. These are not available currently and will be launching in the coming months.

The app is being pushed to the app markets currently and you will see an update on the app real soon.