Students, here’s free DigitalOcean, AWS, Namecheap and other credits with Github

Get the Github student package for free. Get DigitalOcean, AWS and other credits for free.

Sign up on Github Student Package here. Free Github and partner credits.

Be it college student or working professional in computing industry, Github goes unnoticed. Naturally Github is everyone’s choice for powerful version control management and for hosting projects. While Github is free to use, repositories are open and are visible to the public. For creating private repositories, one needs to have a paid Github account at 7 USD a month.

Getting on to the original discussion, as for students, Github is offering free a student developer pack that comprises for 2 years access to private repositories. Github is also offering free partner credits in association with brands like DigitalOcean, AWS, Namecheap and a lot more.

This opens up a big chunk of access to learning, developing and shipping software. Here is the list of deals being bundled on this package. Sign up on the Github Education Pack page to get the whole lot mentioned below. Before that, one needs to be aged 13 and above, should be pursuing a diploma or degree program in a school or college to apply for this program.

Github paid repositories access for free for 2 years.

Once you submit the application with your college issued identity information or by adding your college email ID to your Github account, the pack will be enabled and you get 2 years access. You can verify the redemption of this offer on this page, where it would show up as “You have an active coupon for $7.00 off for 2 years, until 2019-03-15.

Namecheap .me domain for free for the first year

  • Get a .me domain for free for the first year. To be billed at 18.99 USD / year later post that.
  • Get a SSL certificate for free for one year. Normally 9 USD an year.

You can put this domain to use on Github, or use for email hosting on Zoho. Sign up on Zoho Mail using my referral link and get 5 bonus users for your domain! You get 30 users on signup this way.

DigitalOcean 50 USD credits for free

DigitalOcean is a popular VPS hosting system that enables developers to host websites and deploy applications on the cloud. With this partnership, Github is offering 50 USD DigitalOcean credits for free. You can enable this DigitalOcean voucher from Github on this page.

Update: Do not use the 10 USD referral link suggested here anymore, if you are rooting to get 50 USD on sign up. DigitalOcean is no longer giving away 50 USD to those students who are not new. If you sign up with my referral link, you are an old user and will not be eligible for the 50 USD credits. But, before doing that, if you do not have a DigitalOcean account, go to the DigitalOcean sign up using my referral link and you get 10 USD for free on sign up. I get 25 USD for free once you spend your first 25 USD from your card! Win-win.

Shameless ask: If you are the sweet guy kind who would want to give back to me for having suggested you this Github deal, and would like to gift me DigitalOcean money, sign up with my referral link. You would get 10 USD on sign up and I would get 25 USD on your first 25 USD payment. You can always use the AWS 150 USD credits for Lightsail though. Thanks! 🙂

Once you sign up and get the 10 USD credits, add the Github-issued DigitalOcean voucher to the account on the DigitalOcean billing page and you will have 50 USD added too. You have 60 USD in your account now. Get rolling for free for the next few months!

Note that all bonus DigitalOcean credits accumulated this way will expire in 12 months of applying! DigitalOcean credits you voluntarily deposit will be available forever though.

AWS Credits on AWS Educate

Student Developer Pack members receive up to $110 in bonus AWS credits for a total of $75-$150. AWS Educate help is available on this page.

Update on the AWS bonus: Students can use this on a range of Amazon services including Amazon Lightsail for virtual private servers. The whole list of package includes IoT, Lambda, Kinesis, Glacier, Route 53, SES and many more. One can see the full list on this page.

Sendgrid offers 15K emails free for every month

While you are a student, and have this Github dev pack enabled, you can get 15K emails for free every month. This is limited to 200 emails per day though. Get this accesss by linking your Sendgrid account with your Github account.

Stripe’s waiver on first $1000 in revenue

You also get waiver on transaction fee on Stripe payments for your first $1000 in revenue collection. Stripe offers web and mobile payments solutions for developers.

Udacity’s offer

Student Developer Pack members get one month free access to any Nanodegree program (normally $199). Enroll in a Nanodegree program, and launch your career in Web and Mobile Development, Machine Learning, Data Science, and more.

These are some of the best ones right off the Github student package offering. Github also offers other partner programs and credits alongside. These include offers from Taplytics, Thinkful, Hackends, Microsoft Imagine, GitKraken, Flatiron school, DNSimple for robust DNS management, Datadog, Crowdflower, Cart, Bitnami, Transifex, Travis CI and Unreal Engine.

Students also get ATOM text editor, to get started with coding. It’s free either way. Anyway, Sublime Text is my favorite.

Have you redeemed this offer yet? The approval process is very fast. Do now. Let’s code, let’s build websites.

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