Paytm fund transfer

Paytm just announced a new feature that enables users to send money to our Paytm wallet users by dialling a toll-free number. This new features comes during the time when Paytm is strongly empowering cashless transaction experiences, in the view of Narendra Modi government’s Digital India initiative.

This feature is available for all the Paytm wallet users right away and can be accessed by dialling the toll-free number 1800-1800-1234. The call begins with a PaytmKaro jingle. It is important to note that this feature requires users to set a pin to authenticate transactions. If this the first time the user goes through this process, the user will be welcomed by an option to set pin for fund transfer.

Once the pin is successfully set, users can enter the mobile number of the recipient and enter the amount. The user will have to punch in the pin to authenticate the transaction and the money will be pushed off to the other user.

The feature should bring about a matter of convenience to those using Paytm wallet on feature mobile phones or when internet connectivity is unavailable. In a country like India where features phones still dominate the majority, people would find this helpful. The feature is free and does not incur charge to the user.

On a personal note, I believe it would have been better had Paytm introduced an option to send money to other Paytm wallet users by SMS. This can be visualised as a feature that Paytm wallet had long back – recharge-via-SMS feature – Send SMS Paytm {recharge amount}} to 09880001234 to make a recharge for your primary mobile number for the specified amount.