Ola offers Loyal Customers 7 Day Interest-free Ride Credit

Ola Credit wins at IAMAI awards

In an interesting turn of competitive moves, Ola is offering 7 days interest-free ride money to users who have stayed long with Ola cabs. Calling it Ola Credit, the feature is currently available to select users and can be activated on the Ola cabs mobile app.

The announcement comes off Ola’s recent tweet about Ola Credit being the winner at IAMAI awards.

Ola Credit can be activated for free. Once Ola Credit is activated, users can take rides for upto Rs 1500 and pay back at the end of 7 days without extra charges. The interest-free ride credit is India’s first such system.

Interestingly, Uber has a similar feature for drivers in the US and offers advance money for upto $1000 at no extra cost.

The 5000 employee-strong company is rivalling against the global player Uber cabs at breakneck growth and Ola Credit is yet another product in their kitty. Other major product features from Ola cabs include Ola Select, Ola Share Pass, Share Express rides, Ola Money and more.

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