Paytm train tickets

If you use Paytm, you would have noticed a new option tagged Trains on the latest versions of the app. You can now book train tickets, general, ladies as well as tatkal quota tickets, right on Paytm.

Gone are those days when IRCTC was the only destination to book train tickets. People can now search for train seat availability and book tickets right on the Paytm app. Paytm wallet works too, for payments and enables people to checkout real quick and easy.

Unlike recently, Paytm wallet payment option was available on the IRCTC web portal, to enable swift payments. Plus, it was limited to general booking and could not be used during tatkal booking times.

This changes for the betterment of the online booking process by introducing booking right on the Paytm website and Paytm mobile apps.

The process is as simple as it can get. Launch the app, choose Trains section, enter the IRCTC username, search for trains, enter passenger details and checkout with credit and debit card payments, internet banking or other available options. Paytm wallet can be used too.

You will be asked to enter the IRCTC password at the end of the payment process to confirm the booking.

On initial impressions, the process flow took hardly 2 minutes at my end, and my ticket was booked. The payment is the flat total of the ticket fee and IRCTC charges. Paytm doesn’t add any service handling charges to this total, and is unlikely to do this, at least in the near future.

It is interesting to note that IRCTC launched an Android app long back, but it hadn’t picked the moment as much as it was expected to.

Mobile booking experience is all set to change with Paytm introducing this. This would go a long way in the coming days.

Deals on train tickets are expected to be available real soon. It should be noted that, there had been 100% cashback deals earlier with Paytm wallet payment on IRCTC website. Similar options might be available here soon.