Mobikwik’s Supercash isn’t all that useful after all

Mobikwik announces Supercash

In a recent announcement, India’s popular wallet payments app Mobikwik had announced a new feature called Supercash and made it available on the latest Android and iOS versions. Calling it an upgrade to the regular cashback system, Mobikwik claims that Supercash is better than the existing one and that all users should start adopting it immediately.

While it looks all interesting from the outside, it does not seem quite the case. The regular cashback on Mobikwik allows users to use the whole lot of transactions of any kind, but with Supercash, you will be able to pay 10% of the available Supercash for your transaction.

Let’s take a scenario to understand better.

Let’s say you have a wallet balance of Rs 100 in your Mobikwik wallet account and Rs 200 Supercash. If you plan to make a mobile recharge or bill payments of any amount, you can pay Rs 20 (10% of your available Supercash) for this order.

Alternatively, here is another scenario. Let’s say you have a wallet balance of Rs 100 in your Mobikwik wallet account and Rs 200 regular cashback. In this case, you can claim the whole lot of Rs 200 regular cashback money once you are done with using Rs 100 Mobikwik wallet account money. This way, you get to burn Rs 300 as and when you need them.

Supercash changes the dynamics at play, and sadly there is no way to opt off this.

Also, it is important to note that Mobikwik Supercash comes with a validity just like how the regular cashback was.

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Supercash cannot be done away yet though. If you look at it better, you will be able to use 10% of your available Supercash at any time, for any transaction, with any native or merchant transaction sale.

It all depends on how you choose to look at it.

If you were looking forward to burning the whole lot in one go, you cannot anymore. If you are someone who makes lots of transactions at regular intervals, Mobikwik Supercash is a good feature after all.

To enable Supercash on your Mobikwik account, make sure that you are on the latest version of the app. Supercash is live both on Android and iOS Mobikwik apps. Supercash will be used automatically for all transactions and Mobikwik needs no input from the users to activate or use Supercash during payments.

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