Introducing Ola Share Express

Ola cabs recently unveiled Ola Share Express in major cities in India. Some of the top cities where Ola Share Express is available are Chennai, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Guwahati and more.

This new fleet promises greater savings on cab rides and quicker rides.

Ola Share Express is similar to Ola Share, except that the routes aren’t flexible as in the latter. Passengers cannot determine the pickup and drop points. The pickup and drop points are preconfigured by Ola and are available as Routes.

Steps: Passengers have to choose these points for pickup and drop on the app. Click Share next and you would now see Ola Share Express option as a subdivision. Choose this and get riding.

Passengers will be picked up and dropped at the preconfigured points show on the Ola app.

Pickups and drops at user’s convenience isn’t possible with Ola Share Express.

As an initial offering, Ola has priced the Ola Share Express prices very low. Prices begin at Rs 30 in Delhi and Rs 40 in Chennai. Rs 40 in Chennai is for a 10km ride and extra distance would be charged at Rs 10 per km.

The routes for Chennai are mentioned on this page. Similar route details are available for other cities on Ola blog.

Like Ola Share rides, users can opt for 1 or 2 seats on Ola Share Express. Other co-passengers will be along the same route, without your cab taking a detour.

Ola cabs also promises no peak pricing on Ola Share Express rides.