Image credits: Freecharge website

I was going by my evening coffee when a push notification arrived from Freecharge. It contained the message that coupons are back on Freecharge, and I almost dropped the mug in excitement and download the latest version of the Freecharge mobile app immediately.

This was easily one of my most favorite features on Freecharge, and I loved collecting eBay coupons for every transaction with them.

Yes, Freecharge is bringing back their iconic coupons section. Freecharge initially began as a coupon provider for making mobile recharges and bill payments on their platforms, but they phased this feature out later. Almost 2 years after Snapdeal bought Freecharge, Freecharge is making coupons available again on the platform.

This comes with a change though. Unlike the initial idea of choosing coupons before making the transaction, users will be able to pick coupons only after successful completion of the mobile recharges or bill payments transaction.

Similar to their old setup, users can pick a coupon for any transaction of Rs 10 and above. Freecharge will be classifying coupons of all kinds into categories, and users can pick only one coupon for one transaction.

Earlier though, Freecharge allowed coupon redemption for value equal to the transaction value.

All vouchers generated are unique and will be available for use only by that user. These vouchers are not generic. But, it does not rule out the fact that they come unattached with terms. There might be terms that you will have to bound by to redeem these vouchers.

With this said, Freecharge seems to have a dedicated tab on the mobile apps that enables users to check pending and redeemed coupons. Users can mark a coupon as redeemed if they have used it. It would move automatically from active to inactive tab that way.

Interestingly, Freecharge had a huge fanbase for their free coupons system. Will this relaunch get Freecharge’s upperhand over Paytm and the likes? Get the latest Freecharge mobile apps or use the website to redeem these. Currently available only on Android. iOS to get soon.