Flipkart launches private label Flipkart Smartbuy

Flipkart just announced the launch of Flipkart Smartbuy. Flipkart Smartbuy turns out to be the first private label business to be announced by the ecommerce behemoth. The Flipkart Smartbuy store features a range of electronics accessories. It is reported that Flipkart will be launching more private label businesses in the coming days, to cover fashion to home products to everything else.

Private label businesses have been on the boom recently with Myntra holding over 25% of it’s total orders via private label businesses. Private label businesses are purely sourcing of quality products from sellers abroad or in India, in bulk, and refers to the selling of the same under the ecommerce’s web and app platforms. The naming and business structure turns out to be the success.

It is obvious that AmazonBasics items are available pnly on Amazon India. People also rely on AmazonBasics products for the quality products the company offers. Similar statements hold valid for all major private label business, and Flipkart Smartbuy expects the same with their model too.

The Flipkart Smartbuy store is live already and offers a range of mobile data cables and mobile charges. More electronics accessories will be available on the store in the coming days.

At a glance, the prices seem to begin as low as Rs 199 for the Micro USB data cables. These products are tagged by Flipkart Assured and are thus applicable for free shipping and seamless shopping if you have a Flipkart First account.

As Flipkart claims, these products are quality checked, offer a robust performance and are very affordable for the common masses. As discussed earlier, these products are available only the ecommerce’s in-house platforms.

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