In a move to offer competitive offers to customers amidst Jio 4G and Jio broadband’s growth, BSNL is offering 10GB of broadband data per day and unlimited calling at Rs 249. This is similar to the original BB249 plan launched 6 months back that offers 1GB of data at 2Mbps speeds and speeds throttle down to 1Mbps post that.

BSNL launches new BB249 plans that offers 10GB of broadband data per day and unlimited calls.
Image credits: Pexels

Sources at TelecomTalk reported the new Experience Unlimited BB249 plan and says that users will be entitled to use 10GB of data per day at 1Mbps speeds and there is no report on the broadband speed post that usage. This way, users get upto 300GB of consumption at high speeds per month.

In addition to this, this new plan will be offering unlimited calls everyday from 9PM to 7AM, whilst Sundays will have unlimited calling throughout the day.

We have reached out to BSNL, but there is no confirmation from BSNL side if this plan is rolled out to all users or is limited to new subscriptions. Either way, we doubt that this will be a limited time offer, making it available for a period of 6 months. The regular BB249 does that. Post the 6 months use, users will be moved by BBG Combo ULD 499 plan. Via.